Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Papa's Day!

Father's Day!

We were going to go to a Whitecap's game in the afternoon, but decided to hit the beach instead. Clint hadn't been out to Lake Michigan yet, it was hot and sounded like a nice place to be.

We spent a few hours at the beach. Digging holes, chasing away black flies, going for a long walk and drawing in the sand with sticks.

The water was a little cooler then it had been when we were here last, but it was still nice and refreshing. As we were walking back from our trip down the shore, a couple with their adult daughter was walking toward us. They also happened to be sitting near our beach tent where we were camped out for the day. The woman looked at us and said to Clint, "You have a very lovely family, just beautiful. It looks like you're having a great Father's Day." It was very sweet. And, I think it is very true too. We love each other so much- as husband and wife, but also our two boys of course. I'm not sure how people couldn't see or feel our love- it is sort of exploding.

After our time on the shore, we headed back home for grilled burgers and pasta salad. Porter helped me make fresh whipped cream from our raw milk- sweetened a little with maple syrup. Oh- SO good! We topped off our Summer Strawberry Cake with the cream. Perfect.

Porter kept wishing Clint a "Happy Birthday" because it was his day and there was cake involved. It was pretty funny- he'd sing Happy Birthday to him and ask if he was a year older.

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