Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Boys

P is so full of life! He is constantly grasping for everything- to touch, feel, ask, try. He learns so quickly. He feels so intensely.

We often say you only have to tell P something once. He understands things instantly. And he's comfortable asking questions when he wants more information.

P is playing more and more with R. He likes to sit behind him on the bed with his legs spread wide and pull R back onto him. Sometimes R likes it and smiles and laughs...sometimes he doesn't and he gives a little "ugggg" help me up type sound. It is fun to watch the two of them interact. It seems like P is anxious for R to be able to do more things....

R is so happy with life! He loves to smile. Recently he has started waving and clapping. He does those two actions often now, especially if he hears someone say "yay!" or "hi".

R is usually pretty laid back. However, when he does get upset it is usually loud and full body- but it is short lived. He lets upsetting things go quickly and moves on. He may give a fight, but ends it as soon as he starts it.

Both boys have a birth mark on the left side of their face. P's is more thick and long, R's is a small round dot. Both are light brown in color.

These boys are precious.

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