Monday, June 13, 2011

Rowan 10.5 months

I'm in such thick denial. Really. He's almost one year. I can't believe it! Party? Celebrate his birthday? Sounds wonderful and fun! But it doesn't seem like it is possible.....he's not really one.

Oh, but he is.

He is.

Rowan is just so precious. Our family has so much fun with him. Everything about him just fits in so well. He's relaxed, happy, interested in things- loves birds "ba ba", is noticing helicopters and jets, and points to everything else that he's curious about.

He takes two naps a day- and sleeps in the car too! Rarely does he cry in the car. If he's not sleeping, he's "just looking around" as Porter says.

When he was a little tiny baby, Porter would say, "It's ok Rowan, Porter's right here, it's ok" if he started to cry while we were driving.

Currently, Rowan and Porter are napping together in our bed. Sometimes I wonder if part of the reason Rowan is so content while sleeping and playing around the house is because Porter really is always close by.

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  1. I was wondering if this not crying in the car thing is just a matter of them never being alone there, comparing to their older siblings. But then I don't need to know the reason really, just hoping it will stay so..