Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strawberry Picking

We picked strawberries at Krupp's Farm this morning! 17 pounds. The weather was perfect, mild 67 degrees and sunny!

This was "opening day" and there were many families there gathering strawberries. Porter helped find the reddest berries and was great at sampling them.

He learned how a strawberry grows. He spotted the pretty white flowers, the small green berries, pink and red berries too. Then he talked all about how a strawberry becomes a strawberry.

Rowan enjoyed watching from on my back, then decided he'd like to sample too. This baby loves strawberries! He was crawling after our trays, reaching in and smashing.

Sometimes he wanted back on. Then he'd want back down. Surprisingly, two young boys and lots of berries wasn't hard. It was a lot of fun! I love picking berries, and picking berries with the sweetest little boys is heaven.

After Porter helped fill one tray full, we decided we'd go all out and fill another tray. I think I was pulling berries off in record time! Porter helped weigh the trays and pay the super nice girl at the counter. She helped load our trays into our jeep for us too.

Porter is very excited to make strawberry freezer jam this week, I am too! Recipe here.

Freezer jam is typically 2 cups berries & 4 cups sugar. Yikes! We're trying this version made with honey. Yay baby! Seriously, berries and honey?! How can it not be good?!

Rowan was a strawberry mess! He had a blast searching in the bushes, pulling off berries and smashing them with his fingers. There was a smooshed strawberry trail down the path where he had been. And, I think he created a permanent strawberry picking outfit.

Krupp's Farm has ice cream at the Milk House. Such a nice treat after all the hard work.

Our friend Ginger, who is expecting a little one next month, came with us. I think she was also in heaven watching these sweet strawberrylicious boys and dreaming about her little one's arrival soon.

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