Monday, June 13, 2011


This was taken within the first few weeks after Rowan joined us. This photo captures what nap time looked like, and still does. I position myself in the middle of the bed, nurse R while P snuggles on the other side of me. He usually has a few wiggles to work out, stories to tell and then slowly drifts off to sleep. Then I sneak away. Porter is a much heavy sleeper now then he ever was as a baby. And, Rowan is so content- he usually isn't bothered feeling the blankets or bed move while I slide away.

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  1. I wish our children were napping together in the same bed. Here ii is one of the more delicate times - they nap in different rooms. Her stomach (or reflux, we still don't know or sure) doesn't make it easier for any of us. He only falls asleep when in my arms. But maybe some day...